Ballast Tools Inc. (BTI) is the leader in Tungsten Carbide wear-protected parts for all railroad maintenance of way equipment. BTI invented and developed solid Tungsten Carbide tamping tools in the 1970s. Our engineers are constantly seeking ways to improve, helping BTI provide cutting-edge tamping products. 

BTI engineers and manufactures tamping tools in a variety of styles for many different tamping machines, all with BTI solid Tungsten Carbide protection. Almost as hard as a diamond, Tungsten Carbide has high impact stretch and can resist wear and impact applications far longer than steel. Extended part life means less downtime, higher production, and more efficient crews. 

Proudly manufactured in our 130,000 square foot facility in Festus, Missouri, BTI parts are known for their quality, durability, and innovation. We partner with our customers to help them solve their maintenance of way machine wear problems. Let us “BTI” your tough wear problem with a Tungsten Carbide solution!