ballast regulators

Production surfacing work quickly causes wear on key parts of ballast regulators, such as plow blades, wing blades and skid shoes. Ballast Tools Inc. (BTI) designs and manufactures Tungsten Carbide wear parts for railroad maintenance of way equipment. BTI’s plow blades, wing blades, skid shoes, and other ballast regulator parts are protected with Tungsten Carbide, which is proven to last much longer than steel. BTI manufactures other wear parts for ballast regulators, such as hinge protectors (Hinge Boss), broom elements and clamps, and Skeleton Broom Box Baffles. 

BTI Tungsten Carbide provides the highest level of wear protection available, for improved durability, wear part performance, and longer part life. BTI Carbide wear parts perform better and increase productivity. Customers experience reduced downtime, fewer change outs, and decreased risk of injury. 

BTI can cover your ballast regulator in Tungsten Carbide-protected wear parts, helping your crews work longer and cover more ground more efficiently.

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