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BTI Skeletons Are Out …

The secret is out! The BTI Skeleton Baffle is the perfect solution to constant wear on ballast regulator baffles/deflectors. With a lightweight, easy-to-install design, the BTI Skeleton Baffle is designed for high performance and long wear life.

The BTI Skeleton Baffle features individually mounted bolt-on armor plates that are thicker, harder, and last longer. The easy-to-install design handles ballast brooming abuse. Thicker plates are used in the tougher positions, and the baffle center nose piece is tough and double thick. The individual replacement plates can be installed by one person as required, and are also easy to store and transport.  BTI Skeleton Baffles are also offered with noise dampeners. The reduction in maintenance down-time increases regulator performance and production while reducing safety concerns and maintenance costs.

In 2010, a major railroad installed its first BTI Skeleton Baffle. This Skeleton Baffle is still in use today seven seasons later.  Before the BTI Baffle, this Kershaw ballast regulator replaced the OEM baffle once a season or more. Since installing the BTI Skeleton Baffle, the same baffle has been in service for seven seasons with only the replacement of worn armor plates! This install alone eliminated the dropping and installing of a full replacement baffle seven times, as well as the cost and hassle of shipping and storing those baffles.

The BTI Skeleton Baffle is designed for Kershaw, Knox Kershaw, Plasser, and Nordco machines, and is the perfect complement to the BTI line-up of tungsten carbide Z-Bars, Skid Shoes, Plow Blades, Hinge Boss Protectors, and Broom Elements for any ballast regulator. If you need help fighting brutal ground-engaging wear problems, Call BTI today at 636-937-3326!

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